Are You Unique in a Sea of Sameness?

The Beauty that is Caribiana can be Yours

The amazing feedback from Caribiana buyers and those wanting to purchase a sea skiff has been gratifying. When we purchased Caribiana two years ago it was because we were Caribiana skiff owners ourselves. We loved everything ownership entailed as well as the time spent on the water as a family. Although we have other businesses, Caribiana was a labor of love. We rebuilt the inventory and boat molds, attended many boat shows, promoted, and strengthened the Caribiana brand.

We are currently sold out of existing inventory and have had to unfortunately turn away interested buyers. As we all know, over the last year the Pandemic has been a tough time and has caused us to focus on our other ventures.   

For this reason, we are looking for the right person (or persons) to take Caribiana and continue to grow it as a brand associated with uniqueness and stunning craftsmanship. Caribiana boats speak for themselves and the demand continues to be strong. If you have a love for the open water and an interest in owning your own business, call 251-202-9902 or send an email to Kevin or Scott