Unique in a Sea of Sameness

The Caribiana 23' is completely customizable- if you can dream it, it's possible.

The high, slender bow; graceful, sheer lapstrake hull; and old world finishes echo a time when utility and craftsmanship shaped beautiful boats. The Caribiana Sea Skiff marries the heritage of Caribbean hull design and traditional American craftsmanship. Incorporating exquisite teak finishes and the classic lines of a skiff with modern functionality, materials, and techniques, we have created an elegant, heirloom boat.

Some of the more popular features of the Caribiana Sea Skiff include custom-colored hulls and artfully designed teak steering pedestal and helm seating. The teak rub rail with rope inlay, teak floorboards and aft grate add panache to the overall look, while the teak picnic table is essential for your sunset feast. Traditional dry storage compartments, anchor locker, bimini, helmsman compass, a built-in 21-gallon aluminum fuel tank are necessities that aren't overlooked. Various power selections and trailer options are available. 


Our Work

Grace | Craftsmanship | Beauty

The Caribiana Skiff is a handcrafted boat unlike anything else on the water. 

What makes a Caribiana so visually unique?  


Much of its appeal begins with the long, graceful lines that start low at the transom then sweeps forward into a high, proud, distinctive bow. This upward sweep also unveils the classic lapstrake hull designs of old.


Caribiana Skiffs' lapstrake appearance is molded into the fiberglass hull. This maintains the classic look of an old-world skiff while providing the function and durability of a modern boat.


What sets a Caribiana apart? 


Classic lines coupled with high-grade teak and mahogany finishes are just a few of the attributes that make Caribiana’s artfully designed skiff the most eye catching boat on any body of water! 

Customize your Caribiana. 


From bow to stern, your Skiff will have your fingerprint design. Hull color, teak, and everything in between can be customized. In addition, traditional dry storage compartment, anchor locker, bimini, and a built in 23 gallon aluminum fuel tank are necessities that aren’t overlooked. All Skiffs come with a 70 HP Yamaha but various power selections and trailer options are available.  








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Caribiana's Entry-Level Skiff

Old World Craftsman Style With Modern Accents

Our Most Elegant and

Visually Stunning Skiff

We take extreme pride in our work. Each custom-ordered boat requires hundreds of hours of handcrafted work to complete. The wait is worthwhile. The result is world class. It’s now a boat that stands out from the rest, like its owner, and is an investment that becomes a part of your family’s boating life forever.




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